Pinball University is BACK!

Thanks to Marco Specialties, Pinball University returns with an amazing lineup of speakers and sessions!

Pinball University

This year we have a full schedule of amazing Pin-U speakers and sessions covering Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks to our partners DRI374 & Erika’s Pinball Journey, we will be recording as many sessions as possible and posting them online at Marco’s YouTube channel after the show.

Click the thumbnail or this link to download your own copy of the Pin-U schedule!

Sponsored by Marco Specialties in partnership with DRI374 & Erika’s Pinball Journey

Saturday, May 18th

Saturday, May 18th – 11:00am-12:00pm

Pinball Museums – Keeping Pinball Alive

presented by

Michael Scheiss & Evan Phillippe

Join the non-profit Pacific Pinball Museum’s founder Michael Schiess and Executive Director Evan Phillippe for an overview of what separates a museum from a barcade, and how an important mission of preservation and universal access helps the amazing game of pinball survive into the 21st century and beyond.

Saturday, May 18th – 12:30pm-1:30pm

Electromechanical Scoring Relays Demystified

presented by

David Volansky & Mark Gibson

Starting from a switch that drives a score reel, and building on from that…join David Volansky from the Pacific Pinball Museum and Mark Gibson from Fun With Pinball and let’s learn all about electro-mechanical scoring relays!

Saturday, May 18th – 2:30pm-3:30pm

Homebrew & Custom Games Chat with the Makers

presented by

Adrian Degroot, Chris Dana, Jim Bovenzi, Michael Latiolais, Sean Irby, Thomas Fulenwider

Explore the diverse approaches to designing and creating your own unique pinball machines, learning from seasoned makers about the techniques and creative processes that bring these games to life.

Saturday, May 18th – 4:00pm-5:00pm

Start Streaming Pinball!

presented by

Michael Mattsson (DRI374)

Are you thinking about starting a pinball stream? In this session we’ll go over the basics in equipment, settings, and software to remove all the technical barriers for that first go LIVE notification. There are about a thousand parameters and equally as many pitfalls; let’s focus on you playing, looking and sounding your best.

Saturday, May 18th – 5:30pm-6:30pm

Silverball School With Andrei and The Little Flippers

presented by

Andrei Massenkoff & The Little Flippers

Join Phinley & Anna from the Little Flippers and 2011 World Pinball Champion & school teacher, Andrei, as they share basic to advanced tips and strategies for competitive pinball. Ask them questions, and learn the skills you need to play better!

Saturday, May 18th – 7:00pm-8:00pm

Deep Dive on Stern Pinball’s 007 with MXV

presented by

Mike Vinikour

Let’s deep dive with MXV and learn all about Stern Pinball’s James Bond 007 latest code update and strategies to earn big points.

Saturday, May 18th – 8:30pm-9:30pm

How to Buy, Sell, & Trade Pinball Machines Without Getting 🔥!

presented by

Hans Milberger

Have you ever thought of owning your own pinball machine but are worried about getting ripped off? If so, this session is for you! Hans has bought and sold hundreds of pinball machines both on and offline and will pass on wisdom gained from some great experiences and also some really bad ones.

Saturday, May 18th – 10:00pm-12:00Am

Pinball Movies

presented by

Imoto Harney

Get ready for a unique night under the stars! Bring your blankets, camping chairs, and park your bicycles at our outdoor screening to watch “Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game“. Dive into this delightful story of Roger Sharpe who fought to legalize pinball, capturing a slice of history with charm and humor. “It’s not just a game, it’s a revolution!” Join us for a fun-filled evening of nostalgia and inspiration. Poppin’ movie popcorn provided by The Little Flippers! Opening Introduction and Q&A with Producer Lana Link.

**Please no photography, videography, or recording of any kind while the films are playing onscreen.

Sunday, May 19th

Sunday, May 19th – 11:00Am-12:00pm

Intro to Electromechanical Start-up Sequences

presented by

Mark Gibson & David Volansky

Learn the basics of various eras of Electro Mechanical start up sequences with Mark Gibson from Fun with Pinball and David Volansky from the Pacific Pinball Museum.

Sunday, May 19th – 1:00pm-2:00pm

Get Connected with Stern Army

presented by

Michael Grant

Learn all about the Stern Army and how you can join them!

Sunday, May 19th – 2:30Pm-4:00pm

Making Custom Games with COBRAPIN

presented by

Michael Latiolais, Thomas Fulenwider, Adrian DeGroot

Join Michael, Thomas, and Adrian as they discuss their process using COBRAPIN tech and TRIDENT PINBALL DIY homebrew kits to create the pinball machines of their dreams.

Swag giveaways provided by COBRAPIN at the end of the seminar!