Bring some games, become a VIP!

The Golden State Pinball Festival happens because of YOU!

Be a VIP and bring working games to share with the community and receive free entry* and other perks!

*Please read this page carefully for all the details.

If you bring a game while the festival is in progress, check in at the front desk FIRST, prior to unloading your game.

We have many perks for any amount of games you can bring with extra special rewards for those that go above and beyond! Only got room to bring one? Get 50% off a weekend pass! Bringing two? Expect the same gratitude and thanks you have come to expect as a VIP. Bringing three or more? Get rewarded for your extra effort that we know goes into being a super VIP game provider! Additional weekend passes, meal tickets, a special silk screen variant edition of this years show poster and even a limited edition extra special show branded item that you can ONLY get by bringing six games or more! Plus enjoy an extra hour of pinball before the show starts on Saturday.

***please note that to receive variant poster or limited edition item games must stay at the show until close on Sunday***

See details below for all of our reward levels!!

We want to make sure that pinball players have a great selection of games to play the entire weekend so we do ask that your games remain for the duration until Sunday. Your help is appreciated! You are what makes this show special. We understand games can and will be sold and traded during the show but please have the buyer honor this and keep the game at the show until Sunday at close.


  • Lots of perks for bringing working machines!
  • Thursday, 9:00am-7:00pm
  • Friday, 8:00am-12:00pm noon
  • Friday the Festival opens at 1:00pm!
  • All games must be checked-in at the game registration desk!


  • Sunday, 5:00pm-10:00pm
  • Monday, 9:00am-12:00pm noon
  • All games must be checked-out at the game registration desk!

To give us and others a heads up you are bringing a pin, first please READ the guidelines below and then use the form (below) to register the titles. Please note that GSPF will make every effort to provide a secure space for any machines brought in, and we will make a reasonable effort to keep them going throughout the festival, but we cannot be held responsible for any problems, damages/loss arising with any game while on the premises.

PerksOne GameTwo GamesThree Games4 OR 5 Games6+ Games
Early Entry (1hr.) Saturday Morning (w/Coffee & Pastries)YESYESYESYESYES
Weekend Pass50%YESYES2x3x
Meal TicketNOYESYES2x3x
Limited Variant Show PosterNONOYESYESYES
Limited Edition ItemNONONONOYES

Bring One (1) Game

  • Name Badge w/Lanyard
  • Early Entry Saturday w/Coffee & Pastries
  • 50% off Weekend Pass

Bring Two (2) Games

  • Name Badge w/Lanyard
  • Early Entry Saturday w/Coffee & Pastries
  • One (1) Weekend Pass
  • One (1) Meal Ticket

Bring Three (3) Games

  • Name Badge w/Lanyard
  • Early Entry Saturday w/Coffee & Pastries
  • One (1) Weekend Pass
  • One (1) Meal Ticket
  • Limited Edition Variant Show Poster

Bring 4-5 Games

  • Name Badge w/Lanyard
  • Early Entry Saturday w/Coffee & Pastries
  • Two (2) Weekend Passes
  • Two (2) Meal Tickets
  • Limited Edition Variant Show Poster

Bring 6+ Games

  • Name Badge w/Lanyard
  • Early Entry Saturday w/Coffee & Pastries
  • Three (3) Weekend Passes
  • Three (3) Meal Tickets
  • Limited Edition Variant Show Poster
  • Special Limited Edition Show Branded Item

2024 Game List   Click here for instructions on how to add a game.

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Owner Name All fields required
Email So we can contact you before the show.
Cell Phone So we can contact you at the show
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Bringing games? Please Read:

We encourage you to leave your game up the entire festival, but understand if you cannot because you live far away (but PLEASE let us know this when checking in your game). We are not trying to discourage people from sharing or selling games, not at all. Rather we are trying to make sure that someone who comes to the show on Sunday afternoon has a good time and wants to return next year. That keeps the festival strong year after year so we can all enjoy it.

Please remember Golden State Pinball Festival is a non-profit event and the proceeds benefit local charities. We trust that the kind-hearted owners who bring games want to see the show improve every year and will keep their games on the floor until the festival closes. Thank you for your cooperation!

Keep in mind the buildings have limited space. If you are thinking of bringing a game, submit your title now. Once set-up day comes, we will not be answering emails regularly nor able to check this website, we will be busy setting up the festival.

Free Entry Guidelines:

  • Games must be in working condition!
  • Games must remain on the premises for play until Sunday at 5:00pm.
  • Games setup at Camp Silverball are not eligible for any show provided benefits and should NOT be registered.
  • Be prepared to give us your game keys for safekeeping (so we can fix stuck balls, etc. and keep ‘er goin’) or your cell phone number if you will be remaining on the premises for the duration of the festival.  Non-working games are not fun for anyone and our intention is to have a show that people want to come back to, year after year.
  • Please tag your game with your name and if it’s for sale, add your cell phone number. You will receive game tags when you check in your game(s).


This show has always been known for the great camaraderie, friendliness of the participants and the fact that it’s a great place to buy or sell a game! There is no charge if you sell a game at GSPF, we’d appreciate it if you would please, if at all possible make a deal with the buyer to keep it at the festival until 5:00pm on Sunday.