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The 2019 will have some awesome changes!

Below is info on the 2018 tournament. Tune in closer to showtime for 2019 Tourney info.
Aren't pinball tournaments super-serious affairs and you have to spend a lot of money and time to participate?

Not this one! No siree, and this year you can help a worthy cause by playing pinball! This year all proceeds from the tournament go to the Pacific Pinball Museum's efforts to expand their square footage, display area and education department!

If you've never played in a pinball tournament this is a fun and easy way to give it a try. We’re keeping this tournament relaxed and social because that's what a Pinball Festival is all about. Entry is just $10 ($5 for the kids tournament) and all proceeds will be donated to the Pacific Pinball Museum. We will offer two types of tournaments this year. Our Pin-Golf Tournament is open to all and our Kids Tournament which is open to kids 13 years and younger.

Who can play?

Any Pinball Festival attendee can enter. There will be awards for top finishers in both tournaments, in addition to awards for Novice Pin-Golf players. If your kid is a whiz kid s/he can play in both tournaments.

What can I win?

Trophies and prizes will be awarded to:

  • Top 4 Pin-Golf Players (Open Division)
  • Top 4 Pin-Golf Novice players
  • Top 4 Kids Tournament (13 years and younger)

Pin-Golf Tournament

What is Pin-Golf? How does it work?

In Pin-Golf, objectives are set on each machine. For example, reach the Captain's Chair on Star Trek, or complete the FILM letters on Creature from the Black Lagoon. The player attempts to accomplish each objective with the fewest number of balls as possible (like strokes in golf). If you're unclear on how to accomplish the goal or the best way to do it; just ask! We are all friendly and will share our tips and strategies.

After 6 "holes" (games) the players with the best total scores advance to the playoffs/finals.

How long does it take? Will I have to miss the rest of the show?

The tournament will run on both Friday night and all day Saturday to help us increase the capacity of the tournament. Upon registration, you will be assigned to a foursome and given a tee time for your qualifying round. It will take about two hours to complete your round of Pin-Golf. If you make the playoffs they will start at 5:45pm Saturday. If you go the distance and make it to the final rounds of play, we expect to finish the competition by around 9pm.

What games will we play?

You will probably find out on Friday sometime before the tournament by visiting the show.

When: Friday and Saturday.

Register for one of these tee times:

  • Friday at 8pm or
  • Saturday at 10:30am, 12:45pm or 3:00pm
Plan on about two hours to complete the round. If you make the playoffs they will start at 5:45pm Saturday. If you go the distance and make it to the final rounds of play, we expect to finish the competition around 10pm. The 3:00pm Saturday tee time is the last opportunity to enter the tournament and qualify for the playoffs (which begin at 5:45).

Warm Up:

To allow for as many players as possible this year, tournament machines will not be available for warm-up. Feel free to get warmed up on the many non-tournament machines at the show.

What does it cost:

The adult tourney is just $10 (after you have paid show entry costs). Unlike many other tournaments this will not be an "open qualifier" where you keep buying and buying qualifier entries. It is just a flat $10 per person.

Please purchase entries and register at the Pacific Pinball Museum booth, near the tournament area (inside the main show building). Tickets for the Friday 8pm and Saturday 10:30am tee times go on sale Friday. Tickets for the remaining tee times go on sale Saturday, but get here early, we do fill up. You must provide player names for all entries at time of purchase.

Kids Tournament

Kids will have two tries on each of three games in a regular high-score format. They do not have to come back for finals. For most kids it will take a half hour for them to play since there are no finals for the Kids tournament. This year the Kid's Tournament will be held near the Pacific Pinball Museum booth in main show building on Saturday only.

Kids (13 and under) are just $5 and register at the Pacific Pinball Museum booth. They need to register by 5pm, unless we fill-up, then it's first come-first serve.

2017 Tournament Results click here

2016 Tournament Results:

OPEN winners: Gene X Hwang, Jeff Gagnon, Andrei Massenkoff, Louise Wagendonner.

NOVICE winners: Dan Dempsey, Loren Drowne, Scott Witschen, Cary Carmichael (not in photo).

2016 Kids Tournament winners:

2015 Tournament Recap:

The crafty Tom Collins, with the help of his assistants come up with some creative awards for 2015!

Results of the 2015 Kids Tournament at the Dixon show below. Eleven kids (13-and-under) played games on Abra Ca Dabra, Black Knight 2000 and Roller Coaster Tycoon for a chance to win a custom trophy (top 4) or one of the many donated prizes. Congrats to Nick Fitzpatrick for a repeat victory.

1. Nick Fitzpatrick
2. Mara Milian
3. Aviana Smith
4. Dusty
5. Alex Fehervari
6. Tommy Welch
7. Doyle Nakano
8. Diego Rodriguez
9. Nick Fehervari
10 Monica Braun
11 Kiersten Gould

Results of the Pin-Golf Tournament at the Dixon show are as follows: We had 133 people participate in the tournament this year, with East Bay Pinball/Solano Pinball League player Chris Heilig coming in first, breaking Josh Lehan's three year winning streak.

Open Finals:
1. Chris Heilig
2. Pat Choy
3. Jim Sousae
4. Zac Wollons
5. Aaron Nelson
6. Andrei Massenkoff
7. Mark Birsching
8. Eric Wagensonner
9. Jeffrey Neumann
10 Louise Wagonsonner
11 Marcus Petersen
12 Ryan Wooley

Novice Finals:
1. Shon Dolcini
2. Michael Huntsman
3. Jay Goldlist
4. Martin Johnson
5. Rory McClure
6. Dwayne Smith
7. Kevin Smith
8. Dana Fong
9. Eddie Kon
10 Russ Sweetser
11 Craig Okruhlica
12 Marty Oakes

A few of the awarded:

Thanks for the blood, sweat & tears, Tom:

It takes many hours to make the tournaments a reality and we'd like to aknowledge all those involved! Our Tournament Director, Mr. Tom Collins did a great job with the 2012-2017 tourneys! In 2017, Mike Hosier started his career as Co-Director, hats off to him as well. They are assisted by volunteers from local pinball leagues and we thank them all!